Senior Staff Expenses 2016

Expense claims by the Chief Executive and the Treasurer for 2016. Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Isabel Owen's expenses can be seen here.

Chief Executive Fraser Sampson's Expenses 2016

Month Expenses Claim
January 2016 Download (PDF 24kb)
February 2016 Download (PDF 25kb)
March 2016 Download (PDF 26kb)
April 2016 Download (PDF 24kb)
May 2016 Download (PDF 23kb)
June 2016 Download (PDF 21kb)
July 2016 Download (PDF 26kb)


Interim Chief Executive Susan Field's Expenses 2016

Month Expenses Claim
October 2016 Download (PDF 23kb)
November 2016 Download (PDF 23kb)
December 2016 Download (PDF 23kb)


Treasurer Katherine Johnson's Expenses 2016

Month Expenses Claim
January 2016 Download (PDF 29kb)
February 2016 Download (PDF 27kb)
March 2016 Download (PDF 28kb)
April 2016 Download (PDF 26kb)
May 2016 Download (PDF 28kb)
June 2016 Download (PDF 28kb)
July 2016 Download (PDF 28kb)
August 2016 Download (PDF 27kb)
September 2016 Download (PDF 28kb)
October 2016 Download (PDF 28kb)
November 2016 Download (PDF 28kb)
December 2016 Download (PDF 27kb)
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