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 The Police and Crime Commissioner has consistently emphasised the importance of the police concentrating on their operational performance without the distraction of peripheral issues. However, at the same time, the Police and Crime Commissioner holds a wide range of assets for, and on behalf of, the communities of West Yorkshire. These range from the buildings used by the police and partners such as the state-of-the-art training facilities at Carr Gate in Wakefield, to wider criminal justice system services such as those provided by the Police National Legal Database and the National VIPERĀ® Bureau. Maximising the community benefits coming from those assets is not just a matter of good governance, it is also vital to the strategic health of the organisation. Exploring opportunities for encouraging innovation and increasing investment is a key strategic ambition for all successful public services, because it reduces the burden on the public purse at a time when the pressures on our services have never been greater and because it encourages and rewards good ideas from those who have the best ideas: the people involved in delivering our services.
The Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable have agreed a strategy for managing income, innovation and investment together with a framework of governance and accountability in this area. Following the Stage 2 staff transfer scheme, a dedicated team will focus on bidding for funds and investing back into our communities and the governance framework will produce a series of exciting developments that will maximise the benefits of innovation and investment over the life of the Commissioner's Police and Crime Plan. Work has already begun with a review of the various opportunities for generating income and attracting other funding, an assessment of the grants and revenue streams available and an audit of the skills and experience of the staff who can build bids to access them. The Police and Crime Commissioner has commissioned some early work on the creation of a foundation to manage some relevant services such as the Police National Legal Database and Ask The Police and has secured the expertise of institutions such as the Centre of Excellence for Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organised Crime (CENTRIC), the N8 Group of universities and the College of Policing in taking forward plans for innovation and enterprise.


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