In order to achieve the priorities and outcomes in the Police and Crime Plan, the PCC needs to commission a number of different providers to help with the delivery of services which will benefit the communities of West Yorkshire, reduce crime and help victims to cope and recover from the harm they have suffered.

Given the limited resources available, particularly in times of austerity, the PCC needs to be confident that the services he is providing are the best they possibly can be for the funding available. The PCC therefore welcomes the input of stakeholders, our communities and service users in designing and shaping services, and feeding back where improvements can be made.

Given that services are continually evolving and improving, and the emergence of new areas of focus, it is inevitable that some services may be de-commissioned at some stage. Where this does happen, please be re-assured that it is something that hasn't been undertaken lightly, but in order that services continue to provide value for money, are delivered effectively and efficiently, and are more suited to the needs of the communities and victims of West Yorkshire.

Commissioning Principles

The following principles will be applied to the commissioning process within West Yorkshire. The principles set out how the PCC will manage the whole commissioning process either as a single commissioner of goods and services, or in any collaborative or joint arrangements with partners.

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Commissioning Strategy and Intentions 2018-2021

The Commissioning Strategy sets out the principles and framework that will be used in West Yorkshire to commission services. The documents and processes will ensure that all commissioning decisions will be undertaken openly and transparently, and are supported by evidence. All decisions will be published on the PCC's website.

The strategy also details the different types of funds which are available, and how they operate, as well as covering supplier performance management and how and when services may be de-commissioned.

The role of the third sector (voluntary, community, faith-based and social enterprise organisations) is very important in our local communities and the PCC values the role they play. Wherever possible the PCC wants to ensure that this potential is maximised by supporting the third sector as much as possible to develop solutions in line with the Police and Crime Plan.

It is through a combination of partnership working and working with West Yorkshire Police that the Plan will be delivered, and ensure that the communities of West Yorkshire are safe and feel safe.

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Commissioning Process

In order to be fair, transparent and consistent, all commissioning and ad-hoc funding activity will follow the PCCs agreed commissioning process. This will ensure that that any investment is in line with the Police and Crime plan and needs analysis, and is aligned to strategic commissioning intentions.

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