Independent Members of Misconduct Panels

Police and Crime Commissioners are required to compile and maintain lists of independent people to sit on police misconduct panels. This follows a government decision that there should be an independent person on each panel which hears police misconduct cases.

The Police and Crime Commissioners in the Northern Region (North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Cleveland, Durham, Humberside and Lincolnshire) operate a joint list of independent members and members may have the opportunity to sit on panels outside of West Yorkshire.

The main role of independent members will be to provide an impartial voice on misconduct panels and to assist panels in coming to fair and evidence based judgements about a police officer's conduct and deciding on an appropriate sanction.

You can find out more about the role of Independent Misconduct Panel members below. Please note - we are not currently recruiting.

Appointment of Members (PDF 31KB)
Role Profile (PDF 30KB)
Terms and Conditions´╗┐ (PDF 30KB) 

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