Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire | WYPCC

Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse including child sexual exploitation (CSE) remains a key priority. There has been an increased focus on safeguarding the vulnerable which has led to significant increases in the number of investigations, successful convictions, and confidence in victims coming forward. I will continue to raise awareness of this devastating crime, ensure that the police and partners are sufficiently resourced to catch and convict those who sexually abuse and exploit children, and provide support for those who have been affected.

Child Sexual Abuse Priority Plan

So that we can all understand more about what we are doing together and want to do together to deliver on our priority areas of work we have developed our 'Priority Plans'.

These plans will be refreshed and renewed and are work in progress but we will report on our delivery against these Priority Plans in public facing Community Outcomes Meetings.

We want to demonstrate the difference we are making in our communities but we also want to know what else we could be doing to keep people in West Yorkshire safe and feeling safe.

If you have a positive contribution to make to our Priority Plans please contact the office.