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Police Appeals Tribunals

Police officers have a right of appeal to a Police Appeals Tribunal (PAT) against disciplinary findings and/or disciplinary outcomes imposed under the Police (Conduct) Regulations, 2012, and a finding or outcome imposed following a third stage meeting under the Police (Performance) Regulations 2012.

There is more information about misconduct hearings on West Yorkshire Police's website: https://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/about-us/our-standards/professional-standards


Composition of the Tribunal:

The make-up of the PAT is set out in the Police Act 1996 (including amendments). Where the officer is not a senior rank, the tribunal consists of a legally qualified chair (selected at random from a list maintained by the Home Office), a serving police officer and a lay person (who isn't, and has never been a member of a police force).

Where the officer is a senior rank, the PAT consists of a legally qualified chair (as above), an Inspector (nominated by a Chief Inspector) and the Permanent Secretary to the Home Office (or a Home Office Director nominated by the Permanent Secretary).


Appeals process:

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is the 'local policing body' responsible for administering the Police Appeals Tribunal. This involves liaising with all parties, appointing the tribunal chair and other members and paying their expenses, and working to the timescales set out in legislation. Annex C of the Home Office guidance provides more information about the process: