Police and Crime Commissioner Reaches Out Through Social Media (16 Jan 2013)

West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner is using an innovative social media campaign to extend the reach of his 'Listening To You First' campaign.

The survey is being used to help Mark Burns-Williamson to ensure the views of West Yorkshire's communities are fully represented in the Budget and Police and Crime Plan 2013/14.

The public can now access the survey directly from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner's Facebook page and is being promoted through the platform to target some hard to reach groups.

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson says: "This is the chance for people to say what's going on in their local community, put forward their priorities for policing and crime prevention and submit their views on a range of issues, so that policing priorities that truly reflect the needs of communities across West Yorkshire can be put in place.

"It is important that we use all channels to reach the public. Using Facebook is in addition to our efforts to contact people directly through community groups, stakeholder engagement, round tables in districts and on issues of concern in the County, face-to-face surveys and by raising awareness through the media."

"Facebook isn't just for young people - the fastest growing age group on the platform is people aged 50 and over.

That said, it is often younger people who don't feel confident enough to take part in these surveys and we need their views. Everyone should have an equal platform to put their concerns forward and I would actively encourage you to take part in the survey."

Those preferring a paper copy of the survey can contact: [email protected] or call 01924 294000.

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