Proposed Increase to the Policing Precept (28 Jan 2013)

West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, will today propose to the Police and Crime Panel an increase in the precept to pay for the recruitment of 44 police officers.

The proposed 3.8% rise in the precept will mean a penny a day for the 64% of households in West Yorkshire that fall into council tax bands A and B. For those households in band D it will mean just £5 a year.

For the last two years police council tax has been frozen in West Yorkshire and is currently the third lowest in England and Wales. Because of this the government has allowed the Police and Crime Commissioner greater discretion and only requires a referendum if the precept rise is greater than £5 or 3.8%.   

Following consultation with people far and wide from across West Yorkshire, Mark Burns-Williamson has proposed a 3.8% rise that reflects the views of over 2000 respondents to his recent survey 'Listening to You First'.

The survey asked how much more, if anything, people would be prepared to pay in police council tax. 57% of people said they would be prepared to pay more for policing and the majority of these for an increase of more than 3%.

Mark Burns-Williamson said: "A penny a day increase in the precept means the recruitment of 44 police officers that would otherwise be impossible.

"Government cuts have hit us hard with a loss of over £100 million to policing. I pledged to protect neighbourhood policing and I have today proposed a 3.8% rise to pay for these much needed police officers in our communities.

"It is really encouraging that people have said they are prepared to pay a little more towards keeping their communities safe and hopefully this rise does not impose too heavy a burden on families in these uncertain economic times."

The precept proposal will now be submitted to the Police and Crime Panel.

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