Police and Crime Plan Goes Local (4 Jun 2013)

Mark Burns-Williamson will today (04/06) begin a tour of West Yorkshire with the local launches of the Police and Crime Plan.

Over the coming days, both the Police and Crime Commissioner and West Yorkshire's Chief Constable Mark Gilmore will visit areas across the county.

They will set out a local vision for policing and community safety across each District with local priorities set in partnership with local communities.

Mark Burns-Williamson, Police and Crime Commissioner said the plans will reflect the issues raised by local people:

"Following the launch of the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Plan in March, that sets out a strategic vision for the county, we are now in a position to implement it at a local level.

"I have listened to what the public have said on the issues that are important to them, many of whom took part in the 'Listening to you' survey.

"I recognise that every area of West Yorkshire has different priorities relating to crime and community safety and this week of local launches will reflect this.

"Working alongside our partners, we have been able to identify their specific concerns and create a five year plan detailing how we will tackle them.

"The local plans pay particular focus to tackling threats, risks and harm in ensuring crime and re-offending is reduced.

"This includes targets to reduce levels of burglary, tackling serious and violent crime like domestic violence, rape and child sexual exploitation, anti social behaviour and work to change minds over problems such as hate crime.

"I will be travelling throughout different neighbourhoods over the coming days, with the Chief Constable, talking to people about any issues they may have.

"Partnership organisations across the county will also have a central role to play in the delivery of these local plans and partners have helped set the priorities.

"The work of Community Safety Partnerships for instance, is a vital element in achieving our goals and I will be speaking with a number of representatives during our tour.

"Reducing harm and risks to people at a local level is really important, which is why it was a priority in the plan and one of the areas where I have made commitments, which I will only deliver on by working in partnership."

West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable, Mark Gilmore added:

"As a Force, we have a duty and commitment to deliver on the priorities set out in the Police and Crime Plan.

"The local launches of the plan enables us to focus our efforts on the issues we know are of concern to people.

"They also give our communities a very clear indication of our intentions to bring about reductions in crimes which present threats, risk or harm.

"Accountability is an important part of policing and we are determined to work alongside our partners to deliver the results that the Police and Crime Commissioner has set out in his Plan that the people of West Yorkshire deserve."

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