PCC Announces "Root and Branch Review" of Police Complaints (15 May 2013)

Police and Crime Commissioner Announces "Root and Branch Review" of Police Complaints

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson has today launched an independent review into the way police complaints and conduct are currently handled.

The review, which has implications for the way police forces' across the country will investigate complaints, will be led by Catherine Crawford, former Chief Executive of the London Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime.

Following a meeting with Catherine Crawford this morning, Mark Burns-Williamson said: "With the support of the Chief Constable and the Chief Executive of the PCC, I have agreed a root and branch review of the complaints procedure and this will be led by Catherine with her considerable experience and expertise in this area of work.

 "The reason behind this review forms part of my work to ensure West Yorkshire Police delivers the best possible service to the people of the county.  If we get things wrong I want to make sure we acknowledge our mistakes at the earliest opportunity and learn from them as we move forward.  Equally, I want officers and staff to know they have a fair and transparent framework behind them, so they can execute their demanding roles without fear of unreasonable or frivolous claims being made against them.

"I have asked Catherine to conduct this review as her wealth of experience and independent view is critically important  when assessing police conduct and I believe her findings will contribute to further improvements in the way the Force operates."

 Catherine Crawford said: "I am very pleased to have been asked to help Mark Burns-Williamson conduct a root and branch review of the way police conduct matters and complaints are dealt with by West Yorkshire Police and how this might be done better in the future."

 "The public must have trust and confidence in the standards set for policing and the processes for investigation if these appear to have been breached. Officers and staff must also have confidence that they will be dealt with fairly if they are the subject of complaints or allegations. The communities of West Yorkshire need to trust the systems in place and know that the police are serving them with integrity."

 "I will now be in discussion with Mark to set the terms of reference for the review and look forward to getting started with scoping what works well but also looking at options for what could work better, consulting with the Force, with other partners and presenting my findings to Mark."

Mark with Catherine Crawford


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