PCC Letter To Supporters - Review Of Policing Arrangements - Hull vs Huddersfield Match (17 Oct 2013)

I am writing to update you on the progress made by the Chief Constable at my request to look into the understandable concerns and complaints raised with regards the process that led to the change of kick off time, and importantly West Yorkshire Police's arrangements for the management of those attending the match between Huddersfield Town and Hull City on 30 March 2013.

With a clear need to make sure this situation does not occur again West Yorkshire's Chief Constable Mark Gilmore approached the Chief Constable of Northumbria to ask for a peer review of the policing arrangements for the match to be undertaken. This review has been completed by Northumbria Police's Deputy Chief Constable Steve Ashman and I wanted to advise you that I am now reassured with the key recommendations set out within the report following a conversation with Mark Gilmore earlier this week.

The recommendations are, in my view, comprehensive and capture the failings made at the time, but importantly set out clearly what lessons need to be learnt from the experience and how similar situations can be avoided in the future. These recommendations when adopted should set a new standard in making the appropriate arrangements for the policing of football matches to make sure people and visitors in West Yorkshire are safer and feel safer.

The recommendations made that I believe will be of most interest in meeting your concerns are as follows:

  • West Yorkshire Police review their policy on policing football and major events. In particular strong consideration should be given to the early referral to the SAG.  Of all issues of dispute between West Yorkshire Police and football clubs/event organisers 
  • West Yorkshire Police urgently address the public concern this event has generated through a transparent explanation of events and a clear outline of changes that will be implemented 
  • Operational risks that are identified should be presented to the Community Outcomes forum (bi-weekly meeting between the CC and the PCC

I have asked the Chief Constable to make this review available and I understand it will be published on the West Yorkshire Police website on Fri 18 October. 

I will be seeking confirmation from the Chief Constable that the appropriate lessons have been learnt and that these recommendations and changes will be implemented across West Yorkshire Police Service with immediate effect.  I hope that this update has been helpful but if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]


Please click here to read the press release.

Please click here to read the review.

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