A former police bike truly has a new 'lease of life' after being tasked with providing emergency medication to those most in need (10 Nov 2014)

The bike, a BMW RT1200RTP formerly used by West Yorkshire Police's Road Policing Unit, has been donated to the Whiteknights EVS charity and will now be used to deliver blood, samples and medication in out of hours emergencies for the NHS.
The Whiteknights EVS provide their services free of charge and are staffed entirely by volunteers. Their services enable the NHS to save thousands of pounds which would otherwise be incurred using emergency deliveries, thousands of pounds which can now be spent on patient care.

It was presented to the charity in a ceremony on Friday attended by Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson and West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Dee Collins.

The donation brings the Whiteknights EVS fleet up to 6 bikes which will allow their volunteers to increase the invaluable service across North and West Yorkshire with plans to expand into South Yorkshire.

The charity have dealt with 2000 calls for service in 2014 and expect that to rise to 3000 calls in 2015, with savings to the NHS so far estimated at £100,000.

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson said: "I am delighted to be supporting this charity who are making a real difference with the invaluable service they provide to the NHS, the people of West Yorkshire and the wider region.

"I would like to thank their volunteers, from the riders who have to brave the elements on cold dark nights to the support fellow volunteers taking calls from hospitals, running the charity and maintaining the bikes.

"It's also pleasing to know that the bike, which has spent its life up to this point helping to protect our communities, will continue to do so in its later life."

Temporary Chief Constable Dee Collins said: "I'm really pleased that the bike is being put to good use, supporting the excellent work of volunteers who help to look after the public.

"West Yorkshire Police has a long and proud history of supporting charities and in particular those which make a real difference to the welfare of communities.

"I would like to add my thanks to those at Whiteknights and others who give up their time to assist the police and emergency services in fulfilling their primary role, namely saving lives and assisting those in need."

Terry Dutchburn, Chairman of the Whiteknights said "The donation of a bike from West Yorkshire Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner has given a massive boost to Whiteknights, every penny that we raise through fundraising goes into delivering the service, so this will allow those funds to go into running the service and not used on buying bikes.

"Bobby, as the bike has been called, will be going into service in West Yorkshire and will allow one of our other bikes to move to either North or South Yorkshire so we can carry on expanding the service to more of the NHS across Yorkshire."



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