Call for more signatures to ensure criminals ill-gotten gains gets reinvested into West Yorkshire communities (3 Feb 2014)

Mark wrote to the Editor of the Telegraph and Argus on 30 January regarding a story about an international criminal ring being ordered to pay back £170,000 under the Proceeds of Crime Act, please see the letter below.

"Dear Sir

I read your comments this week regarding confiscations under the Proceeds of Crime Act and how satisfying it is to see that a court has recently ordered £170,000 to be paid back by criminals who were part of an international criminal ring.

As the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire, I know how important it is to seize the ill-gotten gains from criminals and get that cash ploughed back into the communities affected by crime, as well as the police, CPS and courts services to cover costs.

This is yet another case demonstrating how, through the efforts of officers, staff and prosecutors, we are getting that money back where it belongs in West Yorkshire.

I urge all your readers to play their part in getting all the Proceeds of Crime cash back rather than 50per cent of the proceeds currently going directly to the Treasury.

Following a long running campaign that I instigated  during my election campaign over 12 months ago I have raised this with Policing Minister Damian Green urging him to look at closing loopholes with regards to the Act meaning illegal gains can be moved overseas and elsewhere.

Now I am asking your readers to help me get the legislation changed, because as the editor's comment shows, the Act has brought thousands of pounds back into Bradford. But we can get more, to support those communities devastated by crime. So please do your bit and show the criminals that there is no hiding place for their illegal assets, money and properties by signing my petition at

Thank you,

Mark Burns-Williamson

Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire"

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