My Leeds My Culture Launch (17 Oct 2014)

A year long celebration of the positive contribution made by the Leeds' Black African community is launched on Saturday 18th October at Leeds City Museum.

Curated by young adults supported by Bramley based charity Angel of Youths, My Leeds My Culture presents a mix of performances, poetry, artwork and stories at the museum until October 2015.

One of the highlights is comic book style portrayals of their local heroes including the Leeds West Indian Carnival founder Arthur France, footballer Sanchez Payne and Leeds' first black Lady Mayoress Susan Pitter.

Marvina Babs-Apata, founder of the Angel of Youths charity explains the background to the project: "We want to celebrate the contribution people of African descent have made to Leeds' history and create a positive space for young adults from all backgrounds to showcase their amazing talents and play their own part in our city's fantastic cultural scene."

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner said "I was pleased to be invited to My Leeds My Culture and am looking forward to viewing the exhibitions, as well as meeting and speaking to attendees. I have previously met Marvina on a community visit to Halton Moor in Leeds and was struck by her motivation and community focus. The event promises to be a great day out for all and I would encourage people to visit Leeds City Museum and have a look.

"This event comes on the last day of hate crime awareness week and follows the launch of a joint campaign between myself and West Yorkshire Police to raise awareness of hate crime and new hate crime reporting methods. If you have been a victim of hate crime I urge you to report it as soon as possible, more information on the campaign can be found on my website"

My Leeds My Culture is free and will be at Leeds City Museum until 31st October 2015.

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