Statement in response to HMIC report on Crime Data Integrity in West Yorkshire Police (29 Aug 2014)

A spokesperson for the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner said: "While the report recognises some of the continuing work of West Yorkshire Police to improve crime recording practices, some of the findings in the report are clearly a cause for concern.

"The Police and Crime Commissioner recognises the importance of having accurate data around crimes to provide the assurance that victims, especially the most vulnerable, deserve and importantly provide public confidence in the crime figures produced.

"He needs to be assured that crimes are being recorded, categorised correctly and that a reduction in crime is truly a reduction and is not down to recording practices. This is why the refreshed Police and Crime Plan includes data integrity as a priority.

"While the Commissioner has been updated on work to address and standardise crime recording practices within West Yorkshire Police both before and after the inspection, he will be meeting with the Deputy Chief Constable next week to get an early view on the immediate and longer term action they will take to address the recommendations contained in the report.

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