West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner seeking independent members to sit on misconduct panels (16 Oct 2014)

Independent members are being sought by West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner to sit on misconduct panels which hear cases against police officers.
The vacancies have arisen after two of the three existing members of the panel retired.
Successful candidates will have to consider evidence, hear submissions and make decisions on evidence heard.
The Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson said: "Our police officers and staff work tirelessly to protect the people of West Yorkshire and make sure communities are safer and feel safer.
"They are some of the bravest and most committed people of any public service.
"However, sometimes officers and staff have failed to behave as we would expect them to so it is crucial we recruit independent members to ensure an impartial voice is provided on misconduct panels.
"Members will also assist panels in coming to fair and evidence based judgements about a police officer's conduct and deciding on an appropriate sanction.
"Those successful candidates will play their part in providing assurance to the communities in West Yorkshire that police misconduct proceedings are properly investigated."
Police and Crime Commissioners are required to compile and maintain lists of independent people to sit on police misconduct panels. This follows a government decision that there should be an independent person on each panel which hears police misconduct cases.
PCCs in the Northern region, including North, South and West Yorkshire, Cleveland, Durham, Humberside and Lincolnshire, operate a joint list of independent members who may have the opportunity to sit on panels outside of West Yorkshire.

For more information contact the OPCC on (01924) 294000 or email [email protected]

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