BACIL extend partnership with crime fighting software solution for the City of Leeds (12 Feb 2015)

The city wide retail crime reduction partnership operating in Leeds will this week announce a new partnership with Leeds based security company SentrySIS. BACIL (Business Against Crime in Leeds) will be upgraded to the latest version of the SentrySIS crime reduction software currently being used across the region in other Yorkshire cities. This new update will be implemented across Leeds and will be used by over 350 retail stores and businesses to help record, monitor and track crime as it happens in real-time across the city.
To date, BACIL's membership of businesses benefit from a closed interconnected radio network provided by MRS Communications so the SentrySIS addition will make the overall partnership even more robust and efficient than ever before.
This new partnership was welcomed by West Yorkshire's First elected Police & Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson who commented: "Thriving businesses are a key feature of any healthy community and if we are to improve people's lives and create jobs here in West Yorkshire we need local businesses to develop and do well. 

"Efficient partnership working is key for tackling crime. The addition of the SentrySIS system, on top of the work BACIL already do, will make it ever more difficult for criminals to operate."
The Leeds BCRP (Business Crime Reduction Partnership) is an ideal model for other cities across the country as it boasts record figures in retail crime reduction since it started a number of years ago.
BACIL Crime Manager, Sean Walker commented "BACIL are delighted to extend our existing partnership with SentrySIS.  The updated website and additions within the new software are vital for our ongoing success against crime in Leeds City Centre and Crown Point. Now our members have even more tools and features to help them work collaboratively in reducing retail crime."
The SentrySIS software system allows BACIL members to post, read and work proactively in real-time through its desktop, tablet and smartphone software.
Chris Nriapia from SentrySIS commented "The partnership work we are doing with BACIL and other BCRP's across Yorkshire is really starting to take shape. They play an active role in developing the software with us which ultimately provides their memberships with a robust piece of software helping them reduce crime and anti-social behaviour within their locality."

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