Cash seizure to benefit communities of West Yorkshire (13 Feb 2015)


Communities in West Yorkshire could be in line for a cash windfall after almost £100,000 cash found in a house in Bradford was forfeited to the courts.  
Officers recovered the money while executing a search warrant at a house in Heath Road in February 2013.

The cash was subsequently seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act and the investigation was progressed in conjunction with the National Crime Agency.

And yesterday (Thursday, 12 February), Wakefield magistrates ruled that on the balance of probability this cash was for criminal use and granted the forfeiture of £99,845.

Four men were charged with money laundering and fraud offences in relation to the seizure of the cash. Two of whom were given custodial sentences.

The money will be used for community projects and policing operations.

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson said:

"Once again this case highlights the good work by West Yorkshire Police and the ongoing potential amounts which can be recovered under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

"Currently half of the money recovered from criminal activity in West Yorkshire goes back to Government. Decisions on such allocations should be agreed locally at a time of huge government budget cuts.

"I want to see all that money returned to the county and into initiatives or resources that will benefit our communities.

"My Safer Communities Fund allows local groups and organisations to bid into a single pot of moneyand I want to make more cash available to this fund."

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