Police and Crime Commissioner’s comments on increase in overall recorded crime (15 Oct 2015)

The West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, has promised to continue to do everything he can to help reduce crime, despite severe Government cuts.

He said:

"I am of course concerned that overall recorded crime has increased and am liaising with the Temporary Chief Constable Dee Collins very closely to ensure everything is being done to keep our communities safe and feeling safer at a time of significant Government funding cuts to our budget. As Police and Crime Commissioner I will continue to work closely with the Police and our partners to monitor closely what these changes are telling us and the demands on our services.

"You can't cut the budget in the way in which the Government has and not expect a significant impact on policing. By cutting the budget by more than 20% since 2010 and anywhere between another 25% to 40% there has been and will be significant implications which the public need to be aware of. Government is in my view now taking a gamble on public and community safety and I will be setting this out in more detail in the run up to the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) announcements in November. Keeping crime levels low is more difficult with less money and less police officers.

"I have also had assurances from the Police that these increases are due mainly to the way in which crimes are recorded. The rises in West Yorkshire are in line with the national trend and were highlighted in a HMIC report last year which made recommendations about improving how Crime Data Integrity needed to be improved.

"There has also been an overall reduction in the risk of crime in West Yorkshire, with fewer people saying they have been a victim of either personal or household crime.

"They also, however, reflect the changing nature of British policing.

"The types of crimes are also changing and are more complex with Child Sexual Exploitation, Human Trafficking and cyber crime now dominating a large proportion of police time and resources. That is why last year I made an extra £3.5m available to the Police for increased capacity to deal with these threats, but this is one-off and time limited funding."

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