Police and Crime Commissioner sees good work being done in Wakefield on visit to Neighbourhood Policing Team (10 Nov 2015)

Wakefield NPTThe West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson has been finding out more about areas of Wakefield on a visit to the local Neighbourhood Policing Teams.

Mark Burns-Williamson met with the Monday Club - a community get together for elderly people living on the Portabello estate.

He also visited Marsh Way House which is used by vulnerable and previously homeless people to speak to the staff about the services that are provided in keeping people and communities safe.

Finally he visited College Grove to hear about the issues that are concerning people including parking and issues around anti-social behaviour.

Mr Burns-Williamson, said: "It is important for me to get out and about and to find out first-hand what people who live and work in the area think about their local police. I also find it useful to meet up with our local Neighbourhood Policing Teams to hear from the officers about the work they are doing and the areas they serve, which is often unseen but greatly valued by our communities. It was a very enjoyable visit with our Wakefield Central NPT and the partners we are working with."

Sharon Leighton, Area Manager for Marsh Way House said 'This was a great opportunity to show Mark the important work we do at Marsh Way House and to discuss the Preventing Rough Sleeping model, a service designed to ensure that rough sleepers are supported off the streets and into supported accommodation. We have recently refurbished the scheme to allow us to deliver an improved service provision to our customers, Mark had seen the scheme previously and was impressed with the changes we had made.'

Marsh Way House

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