West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner investing nearly £500,000 to improve community safety (3 Jul 2015)

The 20150625-DSC_4494West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson is investing over £480,000* to improve community safety in the area.

The funding was secured via the West Yorkshire for Innovation team (WyFi) through the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Commission which is jointly funding it with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Police and Crime Commissioner is leading an initiative called the Unity Project which is a key partnership of various law enforcement agencies from across Europe.

The main aim of the project is to place communities at the very heart of everything the police does and to help keep people safe.
Mark Burns-Williamson, said:

"As Police and Crime Commissioner working with partners across West Yorkshire to make sure all our communities are safe and feel safer is at the heart of everything I do.

"The Unity Project takes partnership working to another level - we live in a global age and cannot and must not work in isolation if we are to continue to have a positive impact on community safety.

"People often tell us they feel disconnected from police and partners who work to keep them safe and feeling safer. That has to change if we are to keep up with the expectations of our communities and we will need to think differently and communicate differently in the future.
"The use of social media is an excellent example of that - the use of social media in policing has certainly developed but there is still a long way to go in order to realise the potential.

"I already do a lot of work to ensure our communities have their say. I speak to people every day to see what matters to them and where can improve what the police do.

"We have also led the way in technological advances with 4,000 hand-held devices issued to front-line police officers and staff to replace old pocket note-books. The devices contain online 'apps' which allow users to record a crime without having to return to a station, allowing officers to spend more time in their communities.

"The Unity Project is made up of a mixture of law enforcement, academic and private industry partners and aims to improve community policing and the way in which members of the public work with law enforcement agencies. The money I am investing will help to develop new ways of how people interact with West Yorkshire Police including new technology.

"Issues of crime and anti-social-behaviour can have a massive impact on people's quality of life - but the police cannot just work alone - there must be a partnership approach to tackling such issues. The Unity Project stresses prevention, early identification, timely intervention as well as better crime reporting.

"I am co-ordinating the Unity Project and a total of £3,33,1446* is being invested across key partners including Belgian Federal Police, Croatian Police College, Police University College of Finland, Estonian Police and Border Guard, United Nations Inter-Regional Crime Research Institute (Italy), European Institute (Bulgaria) and FHVR Rachbereich Polizei (Germany)."

The Police and Crime Commissioner was at the launch of the European-wide launch of the initiative on Thursday 25 June.


*The actual figure is expressed as Euros and is €680,000 which is £485,714 based on today's exchange rate of £1 = €1.4

**The actual figure is €4,664,025 and the figure of £3,33,1446 is based on the same calculation as above


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