West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s response to parking tickets refund decision (30 Sept 2015)

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, said:

"I understand the disappointment at the decision made by West Yorkshire Police not to refund motorists who received parking tickets from PCSOs who did not have the relevant powers at the time of issue. I agree that the way in which this has been communicated could be portrayed as arrogant and dismissive. As the elected Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire, I am looking to see if the most appropriate decision has been made and for lessons to be learned.

"I am speaking to the Temporary Chief Constable Dee Collins about the decision and the way in which it was communicated to the public. I also want full reassurance that all police officers and police community support officers working with West Yorkshire have the correct powers they need to be able to fully carry out their roles.

"Traffic regulation and road safety is an important part of the police's work and motorists in West Yorkshire are entitled to expect that any enforcement is carried out correctly and lawfully."

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