PCC statement regarding review into the case of Danny Major (updated 2 Feb 2016) (4 Feb 2016)

Mark Burns-Williamson, who commissioned a review into the case of Danny Major, said: "I had asked an independent police force (Greater Manchester Police) to carry out this investigation after speaking with Danny Major and his family after listening to the concerns they had. The family and I both want to know if justice was correctly served. They have been kept informed at all times about the progress of the review which concluded in December 2015.
"What the report does say is that, in the opinion of the investigating team, the evidence supports the premise that there may have been a miscarriage of justice and that there is sufficient 'fresh evidence' to support the case being referred back to the Criminal Case Review Commission (CCRC).
"This is obviously an important development in this long running case which has previously been looked into by a number of agencies. It is important that no one now rushes to judgement and that any further inquiry and legal proceedings resulting from this be allowed to run their course.
"I referred this matter to the CCRC as soon as was possible following the report being received. I have also given the report to the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police as the appropriate authority for all relevant police conducts matters and I know it has also now been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) for them to issue such directions as they deem appropriate.

"What now needs to happen is for the various agencies to do their job and follow due processes without any speculation that may prejudice eventual outcomes and in the meantime we will keep Danny Major and his family updated on further progress as appropriate."

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