Statement re HMIC Report into Vulnerability (16 Dec 2015)

The West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Mark Burns-Williamson, said:

"Protecting vulnerable people and safeguarding generally is a key focus that cuts across many different areas of my Police and Crime Plan which has resulted in large realignment of resources within West Yorkshire Police and our partners in order to address the volume and scale of the challenge we face.

"Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and vulnerability was bolstered last year when I made an extra £3.5million available to West Yorkshire Police  to deal with CSE as well as Human Trafficking and cyber-crime which are often interrelated. I also allocated an additional £440,000 to raise awareness of CSE in schools and increase support for victims, this builds on the positive work of the Multi-Agency Sharing Hubs. We are now developing new ways of tracking and sharing data across local authority boundaries to further protect the vulnerable. These initiatives are being coordinated and driven by the appointment of a dedicated safeguarding adviser within the Office of the PCC.

"Whilst the HMIC inspection into police effectiveness (vulnerability) has West Yorkshire Police down as 'requiring improvement'  I will be working with the Chief Officer Team to see what more can be done to improve the services provided.

"Despite the overall grade the report does have many positives to it and in some ways belies the amount of good work that is happening with our safeguarding partners. It says there is a clear focus on protecting those who are most vulnerable and protecting victims from harm.

"The inspectors also say West Yorkshire Police has clear policies and guidance in place for those groups who are vulnerable, praising in particular how well they respond to and safeguard specific vulnerable groups (missing absent children and victims of domestic abuse) and how well prepared they are to tackle child sexual exploitation. However, there are key points to take away from this report and I will be making sure that West Yorkshire Police builds on the good work already in place across the county and there will be no complacency or let up in protecting our communities."

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