West Yorkshire’s new Police and Crime Plan launched (6 Dec 2016)

West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson will launch his new Police and Crime Plan today (06/12) at a partnership workshop aimed at reducing instances of missing people.

The Police and Crime Plan sets the outcomes, and priorities that will drive the work of the Police and Crime Commissioner, West Yorkshire Police and their partnership working over the next 5 years.

The outcomes are, tackle crime and anti-social behaviour, safeguard vulnerable people, make sure criminal justice works for communities and support victims and witnesses.

This new Plan takes over from the previous Police and Crime Plan and was created following an extensive consultation.

It is the largest consultation the office has ever carried out with the public, partners and the police around policing priorities and community safety.

Missing people is one of the new priorities within this latest Plan. West Yorkshire Police receive nearly 5,000 calls regarding missing people every year, 20% of which are considered to be "high-risk".

The reasons why people go missing are complex and can be linked to their mental health, emotional or physical abuse, or exploitation. Every time a person goes missing, the police are put under great pressure to find them and work with partners to keep them safe.

The focus of the workshop is on prevention and early intervention, key service improvements and how resources are deployed. Keynote speakers include Superintendent Darren Minton of West Yorkshire Police and Parveen Hussain from Ofsted.

They will be followed by sessions with attendees looking at what more can be done to reduce people from going missing in West Yorkshire.

Other new additions to the Plan include priorities on working together to prevent radicalisation and safeguard people that are vulnerable to being groomed. Increasing community cohesion by encouraging inclusivity and building relationships between communities is also a key feature.

Many existing priorities from the previous Plan, which continue to be important to the people of West Yorkshire, remain. These priorities include tackling child sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, road safety, cyber crime, human trafficking and providing the best possible support to the victims of crime.

Mark Burns-Williamson said: "I have launched the Police and Crime Plan 2016-21 with the shared vision of keeping West Yorkshire safe and feeling safe. It sets out what outcomes we are going to deliver, how we are going to deliver them and how we - and importantly you - are going to know that we have delivered.

"I have listened to the people of West Yorkshire and I am acting on what they have told me. This missing people event is one in a series of partner events working towards the outcomes of the new Plan.

"We need to work better together to tackle the root causes and prevent people from going missing in the first place. The national cross government strategy, which is expected to be released in the New Year, will undoubtedly provide direction at a national level but it is hoped that the discussions in this workshop will feed into a wider partnership strategy specifically for West Yorkshire.

"Many of the new priorities in my Plan focus on protecting vulnerable people and are a reflection of emerging crime trends, community feedback, the changing nature of policing and the impact of budget cuts.

"The heart of the Plan is working together in partnership to make a better West Yorkshire for everyone. Each of us has a role to play in improving the lives of people and their families across all of our communities.

"The Plan also encapsulates my pledges to the people of West Yorkshire that I have stuck by throughout my time in office and will continue to do so. These are, protecting frontline policing, protecting Police Community Support Officers, putting more proceeds of crime money back into communities, putting victims first and fighting for a fairer funding deal for West Yorkshire."

West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Dee Collins said: "Our focus is on delivering the best policing service we can with the resources we have, in support of the PCC's vision as set out in the Plan.

"Working closely with our partner agencies and with the public will be essential, as will our commitment to continuing to build a truly diverse and representative organisation. These are really challenging times but I believe with that clear focus, we can continue to deliver a quality service for the public, particularly those who are most vulnerable or in need."

To find out more about the Police and Crime Plan and to download a copy visit www.westyorkshire-pcc.gov.uk. Hardcopies can also be requested via the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner by calling 01924 294000 or by post to Ploughland House, 62 George Street, Wakefield, WF1 1DL.


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