West Yorkshire’s PCC Funds Third Sector Networks to Increase Partnership Working (28 Jul 2016)

West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson has provided grants to enable the creation of Third Sector Networks in each district in West Yorkshire (the Third Sector is a collective term covering voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise organisations).

A successful network has been operating in Leeds for a number of years and Mark has now provided funding to support organisations in each district to develop existing or create new networks for the first time. 

The new networks will increase partnership working and make West Yorkshire safer by:

  • Improving communication within the sector and with the criminal justice system.
  • Providing training, encouraging the sharing of information and developing good practice, bringing about improvements in the services provided.
  • Promoting collaboration between different organisations to develop more integrated and consistent models of delivery.
  • Providing better engagement of the sector in partnership working. 

The networks are being given grants of £4970 per year for an initial two year initiative with the funding coming from money set aside for working with the third sector. The groups awarded money are CNET (Bradford), NBF (Calderdale), Third Sector Leaders (Kirklees) and Nova (Wakefield). Voluntary Action Leeds who already have their network in place received a grant for the same amount from the Community Safety Fund.

Mark has been working directly with the sector since he was first elected as West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner back in November 2012. He also appointed a Third Sector Advisor to assist in supporting and furthering the work of the sector.

Mark Burns-Williamson said "The Third Sector has a crucial role to play in making our communities safer and feel safer and I am pleased to provide this additional support. 

"Partnership working is key. Securing better outcomes for people across West Yorkshire relies on a mix of activities from a range of partners to come together to share ideas, best practice and an understanding of what works to innovate and together implement positive change. 

"If anyone would like more information about the networks, including how to get involved, contact my office on [email protected] or call on 01924 294000".

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