Coercive and controlling behaviour conference (22 Mar 2017)

British Human Rights charity Karma Nirvana host their first annual 'Coercive and Controlling Behaviour Conference' in Leeds. The event will be led by charity founder, Jasvinder Sanghera CBE and Sancus Solutions, the UK's leading dedicated Investigative Skills Training Company. Amongst leading experts in the field of Honour Based Violence will be Christian Papaleontiou, Head of the Home Office Interpersonal Violence team.

The Serious Crime Act 2015 created a new offence of controlling and coercive behavior, however, this potentially powerful new legislation is much underused with large areas of the country reporting no new prosecutions.

Hear first hand stories of British survivors of this abuse and share in this rare opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of how new legislation can be effectively used to seek protection for victims and prosecutions against perpetrators.

Jasvinder Sanghera CBE said, "This legislation could have been written for honour based abuses and therefore it is imperative that professionals understand it in the context of survivor experiences which will be at the heart of our conference. Honour based abuse has a serious effect on victims that leads to a substantial adverse effect on their day-to-day activities. Families play an active role to ensure they do not become a cause of social embarrassment by dishonouring, so victims are prevented from basic rights such as independence and stopped from integrating into and embracing British society".

Conference Chair, Mark Burns-Williamson, Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire said: "Tackling so called honour based abuse remains a focus and priority in my new Police and Crime Plan and I will continue to work with the police and other partners, such as West Yorkshire based Karma Nirvana, to raise awareness of these issues, encourage victims to come forward and help to provide the proper and dedicated support needed.

"Often the victims of so called honour based abuse can feel totally isolated and find it very difficult to come forward for a number of reasons. It's crucial that conferences such as this one on coercive and controlling behaviour are held to re-inforce a wider understanding of these issues and how new legislation can be implemented positively.

"Karma Nirvana are doing some fantastic work which I have seen for myself and I was pleased to be able to provide them with some extra support through grants from my Safer Communities Fund."

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