Crimestoppers launches campaign to tackle illegal weapons in West Yorkshire (7 Mar 2017)

Guns And Weapons Poster 2Crimestoppers is urging residents in West Yorkshire to contact the independent charity with information on people who are in possession of illegal guns and weapons.

West Yorkshire Police have just completed a weapons surrender across the county, where they encouraged people to give up their weapons to help reduce the risk of them ending up in the wrong hands and being used for criminal activity. Now, the charity has launched a campaign to encourage people to report information about who still has illegal guns and weapons.

Gemma Wilson, Regional Manager for Crimestoppers in Yorkshire said: "People who have illegal guns and weapons have had the opportunity to surrender those items and help keep the streets of West Yorkshire safe. Now we want to know who still has access to these weapons, where they are and what they are being used for. Crimestoppers is here for you and we need you to help us make West Yorkshire streets safe. By contacting us anonymously, a single piece of information can make a huge difference.

"We can promise complete anonymity for everyone who calls our 0800 555 111 number, or who uses our online form at We have kept that promise of anonymity since we existed, which has been over 28 years. We are completely accessible to everyone and can take reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in any language."

West Yorkshire Police Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Angela Williams said: "We have had a good response to this year's Weapons Surrender. It removes the potential for those weapons to get into the wrong hands on the streets of West Yorkshire and cause injury or even worse. "We also want to remove those who involve themselves in the illegal use of weapons from our local communities which is why it is important that we continue to work with public and partners to identify, arrest and convict anyone who is involved in crime. I would encourage anyone with information to contact Crimestoppers."

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner said: "By submitting information anonymously to Crimestoppers you could literally be saving lives and stopping anyone from experiencing the pain of losing a loved one. So please if you have information on the use or storage of illegal weapons contact Crimestoppers where it can be acted on safely and securely."

You can report information to Crimestoppers by calling 0800 555 111, or going to and using our Anonymous Online Form, you will remain completely anonymous.

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