PCC’s support ensures vulnerable young people receive vital support (26 June 2017)

The Shipley Youth Advice Advocacy Project has received £5,000 from Mark Burns-Williamson's Safer Communities Fund.

The money has gone towards the continued running of the 16-2-25 advice service, run by the project to empower individuals to take action around the issues of poor housing and homelessness. The project offers free independent advice to any young person aged between 16 to 25 and helps them access advice and support if needed.

Victims of sexual exploitation, honour based abuse and human trafficking are among the most vulnerable accessing the project to get specialist housing, benefit and debt advice.

Mr Burns-Williamson visited the project, based at the Shipley Youth Café, on Thursday (22/06) to see how the money was being spent.

"The Shipley Youth Advice Advocacy Project does crucial work in supporting our most vulnerable young people and I am pleased that my Safer Communities Fund was able to support its work," he said.

"It is vital that I come to see the great work the projects that I help fund are doing within their communities and once again this shows how money seized from criminals is being put to good use.

"Just under 1.7 million pounds has now been allocated to around 300 charities, voluntary groups and other organisations across West Yorkshire with the fund. I am so pleased we were able to support the projects work in ensuring our young people have the support they need to shape their future against a backdrop of government cuts to youth services across West Yorkshire."

Terence O'Gorman, the project's director, said: "We operate on very limited funding to deliver the service and the Safer Communities Fund covered half our wage bill for a year. On average in a the 12 month period we advised nearly one thousand clients so it will have made a big difference."

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