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Bradford shines in PCC’s multimedia competition

22nd January 2021

Two young people from Bradford have won the PCC’s multimedia competition, each taking home a £50 gift card.

Late last year, Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), launched a multimedia competition for young people, to engage and consult with them.

The competition asked for entries around a number of topics, promoting inclusion and diversity, young people’s thoughts, feelings or views on policing, as well as the impact of Covid-19.

Entries were accepted in whatever creative format young people chose, including writing, drawing, illustration or design, video and music.

Kalia Nelson, aged 8, and Morgan Foord, aged 16, both from Bradford, took home the joint first prize.

Morgan’s photographic entry was inspired by her experiences and emotions as a result Covid-19 restrictions. Commenting on her work, she said she felt trapped even though she knew the restrictions are necessary.

Morgan's competition entry

Kalia created her drawing to show that although we need to wear masks, that we still have ‘love, joy, faith and hope’ and that we will all get through the issues of Covid-19 together. The ‘help’ on the police officers mask reflects how she feels the police are helping communities. She also wanted to re-enforce the hands, face and space messages and that it’s everyone’s responsibility to follow the rules.

Kalia's competition entry

Mark, said: “Firstly I wanted to say a big thank you to all the young people that got involved with the competition and fed back their views and work so creatively. The standard was so high, it really was enjoyable, but a hard decision to award the top prizes.

“I certainly identified with Morgan’s artwork on a personal level, I’m sure we’ve all had days, if not longer, feeling like that.

“Kalia’s artwork also really resonated with me, and it’s so important we continue to all pull together to get through this and support each other, as well as recognising how the police, and all our key workers are doing so much to help and keep us safe.

“One of my key roles as PCC is to engage and consult with our communities, of which young people are a critical part. It continues to be incredibly important for their views to be heard and expressed in a way which appeals to them.

“Beyond this competition, I have a well-established Youth Advisory Group (YAG) who ensure that young peoples’ views on policing and community safety are regularly heard and taken on board. If any young person would like to know more or would like to join the group please visit https://www.westyorkshire-pcc.gov.uk/get-involved/youth-advisory-group.”