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Bradford young people rocking to a safer community

29th January 2020

Young people in Bradford are helping to safeguard vulnerable people as part of a project funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner’s (PCC) Safer Communities Fund.

The School of Rock and Media (SORM) received a £3,124 grant from the PCC for West Yorkshire, Mark Burns-Williamson’s fund for their ‘Keep An Eye Out’ project.

The initiative involves working with young people to highlight the impact of bullying and harassment. 

Young people have worked with the School of Rock and Media to produce a video based on their learning which has been shared with youth clubs, schools and colleges across the region
SORM is a community recording and rehearsal studio based in Bradford. They offer a unique approach to music delivery as well as providing a space in which to learn and develop both personally and musically.

SORM is run by a growing professional team dedicated to helping some of the most vulnerable people achieve their full potential using music as a foundation with youth and community spirit at its very core.

Mark Burns-Williamson visited the project on Monday (27/01) and said: “It was fantastic to see (and hear) the School of Rock and Media in action and they certainly have a very engaging way of communicating important topics to young people. Crucially, these young people then go on to continue to add value by spreading the word to their peers, and also pursuing skills, qualifications and potential careers in music and media. I was really impressed with what I saw.

“Projects working at a local level in making a difference is exactly what the Safer Communities Fund was created to do and I want to take this opportunity to note my thanks and appreciation to all the team at the studio for their hard work and creativity. 

“The next round of the Safer Communities Fund opens on Monday 3rd February, more details will be released soon.”

John Bolton, Director, Co-Founder, and Youth & Community Development Manager at the School of Rock and Media, said: “The studio have been working with young people who are at risk of being excluded from school which in turn can lead to young people getting involved in crime. 

“The studio applied for some funding through the Safer Communities Fund and was really pleased to be awarded the money. The young people began work with our producers, and facilitators in story boarding and creating a piece of music and video around cyber bullying. The video has been a big success with young people showcasing it in their schools, youth clubs, colleges and at anti-bullying conferences.

“This project has been made possible only through the support of the Safer Communities Fund and the help of local schools and the support of young people and their families. It has been a real pleasure and we hope to do more projects in the future”.

To find out more about the School of Rock and Media visit http://www.sormstudios.co.uk