Huddersfield health project supports vulnerable women and young people (16 April 2018)

A project to support vulnerable women and young people in Huddersfield has been given a boost with funding from West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson.

Locala Community Partnerships, a Huddersfield based not-for-profit group, received £5,000 from Mr Burns-Williamson's Safer Communities Fund for their Outreach and Prevention Team project.

Locala have created a 'one stop shop' where the most vulnerable women and young people have access to a range of health and social care professionals. These professionals provide joined-up appointments in one place that meet multiple and complex health and social care needs.

The appointments cover early intervention and prevention support, access to STI checks, contraception, guidance and further physical and emotional support.

The Outreach and Prevention Team is based in the Princess Royal Health Centre in Huddersfield. The team sits within the Kirklees Integrated Sexual Health Services (KISH) providing a unique intervention to those members of the community less likely to engage in mainstream services.

Mark visited the project this week (12/04) and said: "Safeguarding vulnerable people is one of the biggest challenges we face and Local Authority Community Partnerships are doing some truly fantastic work here.

"For some people, accessing healthcare and support is not as easy as calling their local doctors and it's really important that we make sure there are services available to ensure that they are safe and supported. The benefits of this support are felt not just by the vulnerable people but also the wider community."

Hayley Wimpenny, the Outreach and Prevention team leader at Locala, said "Providing health services to vulnerable groups that present with complex needs can be quite challenging, so we want to ensure that we meet the needs of our communities and remove barriers which may prevent access.

"The grant funding that we received from the PCC has helped us to set up 2 specialist prevention clinics, prevention group work and a training package. We work in partnership with local domestic violence services, drugs services, Youth Offending/Probation Services and Kirklees Local Authority and other health agencies to deliver the clinics and the prevention and thanks to the PCC we have been able to support many people already."


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