PCC Response to Police Sustainability Report (11 Sep 2018)

The National Audit Office has today released a report around the financial sustainability of police Force's across England and Wales. It has concluded that the Home Office's light touch approach to overseeing police forces means it does not know if the police system is financially sustainable.

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West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson said:

"It is no surprise that the National Audit Office report has reached these conclusions, which really resonate here in West Yorkshire, namely that more funding is required for policing to tackle the growing demands and complexity of crime and that the funding formula needs addressing to ensure fairer allocations across areas like West Yorkshire who face more challenges and demand.

"There remains a significant disparity in police funding locally and across different areas, I have been campaigning and raising these issues for many years to achieve a fairer deal.

"Since 2010 when Government austerity measures were imposed, the Force has seen in the region of £140m in cuts, working to significantly reduced budgets and the loss of around 2000 police jobs here in West Yorkshire.

"The financial forecasts do not appear to be getting any brighter, with millions more in future savings still expected without any uplift in the central Government grant which accounts for about 70% of our budget.

"It is something which I have had to contend with year on year in setting the local Policing precept, ensuring that we have enough resources to balance the books and help bolster frontline capacity to keep people safe and feeling safe.

"Not just in my role as West Yorkshire PCC, but as Chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), I will continue to raise the issues of resources and demand on a national scale.

"As we approach the next Government Spending Review, it is important that the increasing strains upon policing are highlighted and fully recognised as this report by the National Audit Office clearly highlights."

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