West Yorkshire Police and the PCC Support Safer Internet Day (6 Feb 2018)

West Yorkshire Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire are giving their support to the globally recognised Safer Internet Day.

Marked across the world every February, this year's event is on Tuesday 6 Feb in the UK. The aim of it is to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

Coordinated in this country by the UK Safer Internet Centre the day sees hundreds of organisations get involved.

As a force, West Yorkshire Police has been at the forefront of action to tackle cyber crime and warn and inform people about the dangers of the crime.

The Force is marking the day with a series of events aimed at spreading the message about the dangers of cyber crime and how to avoid it.

Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Vanessa Smith leads West Yorkshire Police's Cyber Crime Unit.

"So-called cyber crime is no longer a new or emerging crime. In 21st century Britain the computer has become the new crow-bar.

"So many people have access to a computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or other digital advice and criminals are looking to take advantage of that.

"But this is something we are well aware of - we recognise the threat posed and are taking action against it.

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson is also supporting the event. He said:

"Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the fact that the vast majority of cyber crime is preventable. All the information you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safe is available by getting in touch with us or by linking in to one of the events West Yorkshire Police and our partners are running throughout the day.

"Tackling cyber crime and keeping our communities safe is a key focus and I have previously invested funding to assist in creating a dedicated Cyber Crime Unit to enhance West Yorkshire Police's ability to combat this crime. However, prevention is better than the cure so I would urge that Safer Internet Day is used to speak to your loved ones, or anyone you feel may be vulnerable, to make sure they are taking the proper precautions against possible online criminals, and to continue those conversations on a regular basis." 

DCI Smith, added:"As a Force we are happy to join others in supporting Safer Internet Day as it is an important way to get the message across that young people should be safe on the internet.

"Throughout the day and beyond we will be working with partner organisations who will be able to give information on their own areas of expertise."

Events planned (please check our social media accounts for further information) All of the events are on Tuesday 6 February unless otherwise stated. All times are approximate

  • 1130am - working with Barclays Digital Eagles, West Yorkshire officers are streaming a live vlog on social media platform, periscope, about scams, online fraud and banking fraud. 
  • 1230pm / 1pm - working with games retailer Game, officers will broadcast a live vlog about online gaming 
  • 1pm - a joint facebook live discussion with DCI Vanessa Smith and the NSPCC. Both will be available to answer as many questions as possible. 
  • 230pm - 3pm - a live vlog from Costa Coffee about the use of public Wi-Fi spots

Across the Districts

  • In Huddersfield officers will be at the Natwest Bank from 9am - 12noon, the bus station (11am - 2pm) and the Packhorse Centre from 2pm until 5pm) where they will offer advice and information about cyber crime.
  • In Wakefield officers will be at the Trinity Centre outside Costa Coffee from 11am. Although there are times when the stall will be unoccupied (due to the officers taking part in other events, there will be a presence throughout much of the day).
  • In Bradford the Broadway Shopping Centre will host a crime prevention stall from 10am - 2pm.
  • In Halifax there will be a cyber safety event at the library from 1030am until 1pm
  • And in Leeds PCSOs will be delivering inputs to primary schools about what Safer Internet Day is and involves.

On Wednesday 7 February

  • 915am - A facebook live event with Catherine Knibbs, a Psychotherapist specialising in cyber trauma
  • 145pm - DCI Smith will join Age UK in a facebook live chat and will again be available to answer as many questions as possible.

The Force will also be supporting the day through its social media accounts.

"As a police force we have a number of social media accounts through which we engage with the public. From the Force twitter account which has over 180,000 followers to individual officers who share information about what they do we have a massive reach, added DCI Smith.

"We will sharing key messages throughout the day and putting out our own information including hints and tips on how to stay safe online."

And on Thursday 8 February the Force will broadcast live on Facebook the results of a cyber crime contest.

School pupils from years 7, 8 and 9 were challenged to design a resource to help keep people safe online. The resource could take any form - for example an engaging website, impactive leaflet or phone app.

At the final this Thursday, each school will have to give a ten minute presentation on their entry in front of a panel of judges from WYP cybercrime as well as local partners.

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West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner
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The official hashtag for the day is #SID2018.

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