West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Recruitment (10 May 2019)

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is looking to recruit the next Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police following the retirement of former Chief Dee Collins.

The PCC is seeking a dynamic, forward thinking, chief police officer who can work with him and key partners in a constructive and positive way to deliver policing and partnership working, in alignment with his West Yorkshire Police and Crime Plan.

West Yorkshire is home to the fourth largest and one of the busiest police forces in England and Wales with a budget of around £550m and is rich in diversity, of people, landscape, economy and culture. There is beauty and diversity in the county and some areas which present great challenges, but also real opportunities to make a positive difference to policing and overall community safety.

There are some interesting, unique and exciting plans going forward, so this vacancy is a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to serve as Chief Constable in a large metropolitan area, who wants to work with Mark and colleagues to further progress the Force.

Candidates should bring, in equal measure, proven operational delivery, along with strong leadership ability, that will build on the culture of fairness and openness to ensure representation of the communities we serve.

For more information including how to apply visit /about/work-with-us/chief-constable-recruitment.aspx or contact the office on 01924 294000.

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