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PCC sends message to communities as West Yorkshire COVID restrictions are increased

30th October 2020

It was confirmed last night that West Yorkshire will move into Tier Three (Very High) COVID-19 restrictions as of 00.01am on Monday 2nd November. Full details of what this means to you and your family can be found here.

Responding to the news, West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Mark Burns-Williamson said:

“This latest announcement is a sobering reminder of the seriousness of this pandemic.

“Irrespective of the debates surrounding these measures, there should be no doubt as to the potential harm that COVID can inflict upon us all and our communities.

“If we do not act together now and follow these stricter restrictions, it is abundantly clear that we will not more quickly overcome this disease.

“We absolutely do not want to prolong the rates of infection we are currently experiencing and it is each of our responsibilities to bring the situation under control.

“Not least because of the potential fatal consequences it could bring to our friends, families and loved ones, but also the damaging impact upon our economy and the way we live.

“We must give all our NHS, Police and emergency service workers the best possible chance of coping with this situation as we start to enter the winter months.

“You only have to look to the findings of my recent ‘Community Conversation’ survey from the first stages of lockdown to see the anxieties and uncertainties that restrictions can generate, particularly in terms of public safety.

“The latest measures may bring greater isolation and exacerbate the situation for some of the most vulnerable in our society and this is something we all need to be acutely aware of.

“These are issues, which I am routinely discussing with West Yorkshire Police’s Chief Constable and West Yorkshire Police as well as the overall policing approach in an ever changing environment.

“Flouting the rules is not an option and those who needlessly or knowingly put others at risk will find themselves facing robust action with the potential of hefty fines as a result.

“Enforcement action, however, is not the default position of the Police, who will always first look to work alongside the public and partners to engage, educate and inform wherever possible.

“We remain at a very precarious moment and I would urge everyone in the strongest possible terms to think about their actions and what that means in the wider context.

“This means all us coming together do to the right thing, using our common sense and getting through this next period safely and more quickly.”