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West Yorkshire PCC statement on latest crime statistics release from Office of National Statistics (ONS)

17th October 2019

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner's (PCC) statement on latest crime statistics release from Office of National Statistics (ONS)

Although West Yorkshire has seen an 8 per cent rise in total crime, it represents a reduction in the rate of increase in crime seen over the past year.

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), said: "Whilst we do not want to see any increased risk of being a victim of crime in West Yorkshire, I am pleased that we appear to be seeing a fall in recorded incidents of crime, including theft, burglary and criminal damage and arson.

"The recent report by the HMICFRS independent inspectors graded the Force as being 'Outstanding' for the way it records crime which means that when the crime statistics are published for the county they are an accurate reflection, when compared to many of our comparator forces who have been graded as inadequate or requires improvement which is important to note.

"So today's (THUR) crime data release from the ONS confirms that the rate of increase in crime in West Yorkshire is now decreasing and I would like to thank all in West Yorkshire Police in their continued efforts to make our county safer and feeling safer in challenging circumstances.

"Work around tackling serious violence, including surge activity by West Yorkshire Police to tackle knife crime, Operation Jemlock, and the creation of a Violence Reduction Unit, bringing partners together to look at early intervention and prevention initiatives, remain ongoing and will continue to make a positive impact in those areas blighted by violence and serious crime.

"I regularly meet with the Chief Constable to explore the further measures which can be considered and put in place to both prevent and address the issues emerging from crime patterns and trends, which are continually monitored by my office.

"The data shows rises in violence against the person, and although some of that could be down to improved recording, it is a situation we are closely monitoring with West Yorkshire Police and our partners and it also reflects the national picture, with rises in possession of weapons and drug offences.

"I continue to fund grassroot projects through my Early Intervention Youth Fund monies and my Safer Communities Fund which sees money confiscated from criminals (Proceeds of Crime) to support local groups and organisations with initiatives that meet the priorities contained with my Police and Crime Plan.

"I will continue to fight for a fairer funding deal for West Yorkshire to ensure we are doing all we can to keep our communities safe and to ensure we get on and recruit new officers as quickly as we can so that the benefits can be felt on our streets and in our communities, against the backdrop of Government cuts to 2000 police jobs in West Yorkshire since 2010."