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West Yorkshire Police Launch Safer Roads Media Submissions Portal

28th July 2020

West Yorkshire Police have launched a new system where the force will receive dash cam footage and other forms of digital media from members of the public of where a suspected offence relating to road safety has taken place.

Road safety is a top priority for the force and this will help our aim to prevent deaths and serious injuries on our road network.

The potential offences that the new system will look at include dangerous driving, driver distraction including using a mobile phone, driving without due care and attention, careless driving, overtaking on solid white lines, not being in proper control of the vehicle and traffic light contraventions.

Paul Jeffrey Prosecutions and Casualty Prevention Manager for West Yorkshire Police said:

‘Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular with motorists across West Yorkshire and we want to work with the public to improve driver behaviour and address offending.

‘Any death on our roads is unacceptable and this is part of our ongoing commitment to make West Yorkshire’s roads safer.

‘We have been working hard with our IT department to develop this portal. Our new digital submissions teams will then review the footage and take steps to identify the driver.

‘If the clip is good enough and we have enough evidence of an offence taking place the options we can take include offering the driver a retraining course, issuing a fixed penalty notice or seeking a prosecution.

‘We are expecting a high demand for this service, so please bear with us.’

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Mark Burns-Williamson added:

“For some time I have been working with the Force to help bring about this important change and to capitalise upon the technology now available to offer this capability which I really welcome.”

“Over the years, I have heard first hand from communities, partners and local campaign groups, about the importance of road safety and this has always been reflected as a key priority within my Police and Crime Plan.

“The introduction of this crucial digital media tool, however, now represents a significant milestone in our collective offer and commitment to improving safety on our roads. 

“Simply the knowledge that road safety offences could now potentially be captured by anyone and easily shared with the police through this portal, will ultimately positively impact upon behaviours on a preventative level. 

“Likewise, it will help to ensure victims and witnesses have the necessary support when reporting an incident in this way, and why it’s taken a while to build the right digital team capacity and IT solutions to make it available to the public.”

“I will be closely monitoring the progress of the new system with interest and how we can take full advantage of all its benefits in due course.”

Frequently asked questions on the Safer Roads Media Submissions Portal can be found here: https://secureform.egress.com/westyorkshirepolice-test/faq.html  

You can submit dash cam footage here. https://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/SaferRoadsSubmissions