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West Yorkshire’s PCC is urging everyone to join the country’s biggest thank you for the NHS

3rd July 2020

A national ‘Pause for Applause’ will take place at 5pm on Sunday (5th July) on the 72nd birthday of the NHS.

Everybody will be encouraged to stop what they’re doing and join with others (following the social distancing guidelines) in their streets or neighbourhoods to applaud not just the NHS and other key workers, but all those who have selflessly volunteered or helped keep services and community networks going.

Broadcasters will suspend normal transmissions at 5pm as people across the country pause what they’re doing to think of others.

On Saturday evening, July 4, everybody will asked to put a light in their windows in remembrance of those who have lost their lives during the pandemic. Public buildings will be lit up in NHS blue, including the Royal Albert Hall, Blackpool Tower, the Shard and the Wembley Arch.

PCC Mark Burns-Williamson said: “I was very happy to participate and to support Clap for Carers weekly and I am also delighted to support this key national milestone, including ‘Pause for Applause’, marking the exceptional contribution made by every single volunteer and key worker for what they have done during these unique and unprecedented COVID-19 times.

“At a time of very real crisis they have risen to the challenges, with dedication and commitment, putting other people first and often putting themselves in harm’s way without a second thought. I want to say a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of them for taking care of us all and keeping us safe.

“All the volunteers I work with from the, the Special Constabulary, Police Cadets, Police Support Volunteers, Neighbourhood Watches and 999 Community Volunteers, all provide a valuable and crucial service to our communities in such times as this.

“As do the NHS key workers and every single volunteer who has stepped up to help those in need without a thought for their own safety. We are very lucky to have such selfless caring people whose sole motivation is protecting and providing compassionate care to those in need.

“Partner agencies have also been a key part of this effort locally supporting and working with West Yorkshire Police to enable them to undertake their role effectively during COVID. Communities themselves have been overwhelmingly understanding in following the guidance and used their common sense to ensure we are all keeping ourselves and our loved ones as safe as possible.

“The Special Constabulary for example have given more than 34,000 hours of volunteering since March 16, which is an incredible amount of time unselfishly given amidst juggling many personal and professional considerations.

“I very much recognise and appreciate their hard work all year round, but over the last few months, they have put concern for others, often above their own safety and wellbeing and it really does take special people to do that.

“As Police and Crime Commissioner, I want to take this opportunity and mark this special occasion by saying #HappyBirthdayNHS and to thank all of them, volunteers, police officers/staff, NHS workers, and key workers generally for contributing all their efforts and time, but also for using their experience, knowledge and commitment during a national pandemic to ensure we have all been kept as safe as possible.”