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Latest Annual Report Released

I have released my latest Annual Report detailing my work over the last year to help keep communities across the county safe. The report highlights my efforts, along with West Yorkshire Police and many partners to tackle the key outcomes and priorities as set out in my Police and Crime Plan. Significant achievements have been made over the last year focusing on the issues which matter most to the public such as tackling crime and anti-social behaviour, safeguarding vulnerable people, supporting victims and witnesses and making sure the criminal justice system works effectively for communities. A specific theme in the report is tackling rising concerns regionally and nationwide about serious violence in communities. To read the report visit my website or contact my office.

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Safer Communities Fund open for applications until 15 November

The Safer Communities Fund is back with £140,000 up for grabs! Voluntary, community groups, charities and partners can apply for grants of up to £6000 to help keep West Yorkshire safe and feeling safe. The latest round of the fund is specifically looking for projects which tackle, prevent or support any of the following priorities - road safety, burglary, "honour" based abuse, cyber crime, human trafficking and modern slavery or missing people. However applications to cover all priorities in the Police and Crime Plan are still also welcome. I would encourage everyone to raise awareness of the fund to ensure the funding allocated makes the biggest difference possible through successful applications. The fund closes for applications at mid-day (12:00 noon) on Friday 15 November 2019.

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Charitable donation for the Blue Lamp Foundation

I was delighted to join the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, John Robins in donating a thousand pounds to a charity that helps injured emergency service workers. The Blue Lamp Foundation was established in October 2010 by PC David Rathband after he was shot and blinded whilst on duty in Northumbria. Sadly PC David Rathband died in 2012 but the Foundation continues in his memory. The foundation provides financial aid when members of the emergency services are injured in the line of duty and incur unexpected costs such as hospital parking, childcare, medical aids, transport to and from appointments. The health and wellbeing of police officers, staff and emergency service workers is absolutely paramount and it's only right that we support them.

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Some of the biggest victims of domestic abuse are the 'smallest'

I am supporting a campaign highlighting the effect that domestic abuse can have on children and urging parents affected to seek help to end the cycle. The campaign, which was developed by Wakefield Council, is being extended across all five districts in West Yorkshire. It aims to raise awareness that some of the biggest victims of domestic abuse are "the smallest" and even if the abuse isn't directed towards them, they can still get hurt too. A child cannot choose where they live or shape their environment. They should never be a victim or witness of such abuse and we will continue to do everything we can collectively to keep children and young people safe. I would ask for everyone's help in promoting this campaign to ensure the message gets as far and wide as possible. .

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Help keep your children safe from county lines crime

West Yorkshire Police released a checklist of 5 signs for parents, carers and guardians to look out for to help keep children safe from the misery of exploitation - especially through county lines crime. This is not an exhaustive list and in isolation each point may be attributed to 'typical adolescent' behaviour but if taken together they could point towards something more sinister. The 5 signs are:

  • Does your child have items of clothing, have mobile phones and/or money that they cannot explain how they came by?
  • Are they going missing and being found in locations far from home?
  • Are they making friends with older individuals and calling them by a nickname?
  • Are they pushing away from their peers and changing interests?
  • Has there been a change in behaviour - for example saying "others have their back" and are they being secretive?

We need to raise awareness of these issues and individuals in our communities have a crucial role in reporting their concerns to help law enforcement and other agencies intervene and prevent further harm.

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Hundreds of businesses sign up to crime disruption network

Thousands of residents and hundreds of businesses are helping to disrupt criminal activity in West Yorkshire after engaging with a cutting edge policing project. The national Project Servator initiative has been operating in West Yorkshire for a year and has been praised by businesses, transport providers and residents for its impact in helping make street and retail areas safer. Over the last 12 months officers specially trained in high visibility Project Servator policing tactics patrolled at key sites including retail areas in Leeds and engaged with 11,000 residents to encourage them to be extra eyes and ears and report anything that doesn't feel right. While carrying out Project Servator related deployments, officers made in excess of 40 arrests for a wide range of offences including burglary and drug dealing. It's fantastic to see that Project Servator has been so well received and I want to pass on my thanks to all those involved for a job well done in the first 12 months..

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Mounted Officers patrolling as part of Project Servator


If you've been affected by crime, Victim Support can give you the help you need to move forward. Their services are free, confidential and available to anyone in England and Wales, regardless of whether the crime has been reported or how long ago it happened. To find out more about their services visit or call 0300 303 1971.

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