Community Outcomes Meetings 2015

The Community Outcome Meetings between the Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner focus on important policing and community safety issues which are of a high public interest. The aim is to offer greater transparency to communities on how the PCC holds the Chief Constable to account on these important issues. These meetings also provide an excellent opportunity for the PCC to raise issues with the Chief Constable on behalf of members of the community.

A Full non verbatim note is taken which covers the comments and questions raised and the responses given to the PCC from the Chief Constable and senior West Yorkshire Police colleagues. The PCC is piloting the filming of these conversations so that communities can see the process for themselves.

The agendas and minutes of the Community Outcome Meetings from 2015 can be found below.

Date Agenda Minutes
18 June 2015 Agenda Minutes
4 August 2015 Agenda Minutes
8 September 2015 Agenda Minutes
3 November 2015 Agenda Minutes
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