Partnership Working

As set out in the Police and Crime Plan, if crime, re-offending and anti-social behaviour are reduced, victims and witnesses feel supported; if local, regional, national threats and harm are tackled and partners work together in an effective and efficient way, then communities should become safer and feel safer.

One of the first decisions I made when I took office in November 2012 was to structure the Police and Crime Plan 2013-18 around a community outcomes framework that had been developed by partners to plan for and deliver improved services. This was to ensure that from the outset the activities of my office and other partners were co-ordinated and focused on working towards a coherent set of collective outcomes to the benefit of all our communities across West Yorkshire.

The key outcomes agreed by partners remain:

  • Communities in West Yorkshire are safer and feel safer
  • Crime and re-offending is reduced
  • Anti-social behaviour is reduced
  • Victims and witnesses are supported
  • Local, regional and national threats, risks and harm are tackled
  • Criminal justice system is effective and efficient

These shared outcomes developed in partnership can only be delivered in partnership. To ensure closer partnership working and delivery at a strategic level I established in the first week of taking office the Partnership Executive Group (PEG).  This is a bringing together of key strategic players at West Yorkshire level.  These are the leaders across the system who need to work together to deliver the outcomes in the Police and Crime Plan, using limited resources in the most effective way possible, managing change and fulfilling reciprocal duties in current legislation. As well as the Police it includes the Crown Prosecution Service, the five Councils including public health, the NHS, the prison and probation services, the Fire Service and the third sector. The remit of the PEG is to establish how by working together we can identify solutions that work in West Yorkshire to reduce crime and disorder, improve community safety and ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of criminal justice services. By combining our expertise and knowledge from evidence based practice we can develop a robust needs analysis to inform strategic planning. It has already demonstrated its value and will build on what has been achieved in 12/13 next year. 

There are many local organisations, groups and individuals working across the county with the OPCC, West Yorkshire Police and other partner agencies to make sure our communities are safer and feel safer and I have spent much of the last 12 months working to support them but also to listen to their concerns and work with them to achieve our collective priorities and shared outcomes. 

More information on the groups can be found below.

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