Partnership Executive Group

Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson has brought together the key strategic players at West Yorkshire level in his Partnership Executive Group (PEG). These are the leaders across the system who need to work together to deliver the outcomes in the Police and Crime Plan, using limited resources in the most effective way possible, managing change and fulfilling reciprocal duties in current legislation. As well as the Police it includes the Crown Prosecution Service, the five Councils including public health, the NHS, the prison and probation services, the Fire Service and the third sector. The remit of the PEG is to establish how by working together we can identify solutions that work in West Yorkshire to reduce crime and disorder, improve community safety and ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of criminal justice services. By combining our expertise and knowledge from evidence based practice we can develop a robust needs analysis to inform strategic planning.


PEG sets collective priorities, co-ordinates our activities, puts in combined bids for resources and prioritises areas for improved joint delivery. The terms of reference for this group are:

  1. Through a shared ambition establish how through working together we can identify solutions that work inWest Yorkshireto reducing crime and disorder, improving community safety and criminal service effectiveness and efficiency.
  2. With a focus on what matters to our communities identify where the impact of the change through opportunities to problem solve, influence, innovate and galvanise partnership responses to crime, disorder, community safety and criminal justice are realised.
  3. To go beyond partnership reciprocal duties as defined by current legislation to share the delivery of the Police and Crime Plan during times of reduced resources to ensureWest Yorkshirecommunities are safe and feel safe.



Police and Crime Commissioner (Chair)

Deputy Director of Custody for the non High Secure Public Sector Prisons in Yorkshire and Humber

Director of Public Health, Bradford

Director of Public Health,Wakefield

Chief Constable, West Yorkshire Police

Chief Crown Prosecutor Yorkshire and Humber , Crown Prosecution Service

Community Rehabilitation Company

National Probation Service

NHS England Head of Commissioning Health and Justice

Chair,West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Authority

Chair, Joint Independent Audit Committee

Director Of Communities, Calderdale MDC

West Yorkshire Divisional Manager, Victim Support

Crown Prosecution Service

Chief Fire Officer,West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

Chief Executive, Bradford MDC

Chief Executive,Wakefield MDC

Chief Executive and Solicitor, OPCC

Third Sector Advocate

Bradford Community Safety Partnership



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