Grant Rounds


Grant round timetables

Grant round timetable is listed below. Grant rounds are allocated in line with the outcomes and priorities in the Police and Crime Plan. Grant rounds may be themed to specific priorities and outcomes within the plan, or generic and be allocated in line with any of the priorities and outcomes.

Please note that successful bidders must be present at the Safer Communities Fund Awards Night in order to receive their grant. 

Grant Round Seventeen

Grant round 17 will focus on applications which tackle, prevent or support any of the following priorities: Road Safety, Burglary, Honour Based Abuse, Cyber Crime, Human trafficking and Modern Slavery and Missing People. However applications to cover all priorities in the Police and Crime Plan are welcome.
Total monies to allocate £140,000
Bids open 7 October 2019
Bids close 15 November 2019 (12 noon - midday)
Fund awards 13 February 2020
Application Status Open

Grant Round Eighteen

Total monies to allocate £TBC
Bids open 5 February 2020
Bids close 11 March 2020 (12 noon - midday)
Fund awards 9 July 2020
Application Status Unopened
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