Grant Rounds

The Safer Communities Fund is now closed for applications.


Grant round timetables

Grant round timetable is listed below. Grant rounds are allocated in line with the outcomes and priorities in the Police and Crime Plan. Grant rounds may be themed to specific priorities and outcomes within the plan, or generic and be allocated in line with any of the priorities and outcomes.

Please note that successful bidders must be present at the Safer Communities Fund Awards Night in order to receive their grant. 

Grant Round Fourteen

Projects that specifically tackle all forms of serious violent crime, including those focusing on prevention and early intervention, supporting diversion away from crime, protection and education and support for victims of serious violence.  

Total monies to allocate £200,000
Bids open 14 May 2018
Bids close 15 June 2018 (12pm)
Fund awards 6 September 2018
Application Status Closed for applications




Grant Round Fifteen

Total monies to allocate £TBC
Bids open 29 October 2018
Bids close 7 December 2018 (12pm)
Fund awards 21 March 2019
Application Status Unopend



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