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Continued Funding For Innovative Domestic Abuse Project

Monday 11th January 2021,

Victims of domestic violence are to benefit from continued financial support for an innovative project in Leeds.

It sees a specialist advisor contained within the Police Control Room at Elland Road, dedicated to responding to abuse related calls and signposting to the Leeds Domestic Violence Service.

Twenty-five thousand pounds of existing Home Office funding has recently been allocated to ensure its ongoing success.

Director of the West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit, Chief Superintendent Jackie Marsh said it is a real life-line for many:

“The data from the project so far indicates that there are real positives of having a specialist based in the police station reacting appropriately to calls that are coming in.

“We are routinely seeing the function reviewing an average of 250 reports per month and supporting up to 40 victims over the phone.

“It is steadily influencing those individuals affected by domestic violence incidents across Leeds, delivering support around all levels of abuse.

“With this in mind, it is crucially important that we raise awareness of the presence of the Leeds Domestic Violence Service and the opportunities to access it.

“This doesn’t always have to mean long terms interventions and could be as simple as verbal support over the phone.

“What has become abundantly apparent, however, is that emotional assistance is one of the key things that callers require.

“A quick response provides the added reassurance that there are people out there who can help and can be there if and when someone needs the services.

“This particular project has become even more relevant given the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it is having on the rates of domestic violence both locally and nationally.”



In summer 2020, a report was received from an individual who had moved in with her boyfriend during the COVID-19 lockdown. During this time, there had been numerous arguments, becoming verbally aggressive and threatening in nature. In one incident, she was assaulted, causing multiple bruises.

Support Provided:

-Over a short period, she was supported with housing, her mental-health, well-being and reporting to the police.

-She worked with the Elland Road Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) for a little over a week, with focus on her safety and mental well-being.

-A plan was put into place identifying those she could contact, allowing her to seek assistance from those around her.

-She was also signposted to her GP to discuss her health and well-being, as she felt that she may benefit from counselling.

-Photographic evidence of her injuries was provided to the police, who agreed to follow up with regular updates.

-Although the bespoke support has now ended, she has the Leeds Domestic Violence Service 24-hour helpline number should she need ongoing support.

If you need support from the Leeds Domestic Violence Service helpline, you can call (0113) 246 0401.