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West Yorkshire Anti-Trafficking Network

Terms of Reference

The WYATN was created by anti-human trafficking charity Hope for Justice in conjunction with West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson after he was awarded £200,000 from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) in 2014 to create and lead the network.

The network is established to provide a strategic meeting framework on behalf of the statutory, non-statutory and third sector organisations in West Yorkshire who contribute to tackling human trafficking and modern slavery in all its forms.

The network does not have a statutory role, nor does it have any oversight or governance of any policy, practice or procedure. Individual members are accountable only to their own organisations and are in no way committed to any joint initiatives for or on behalf of the network. 

Aims and Objectives

The primary aims and objectives of the network are set out as follows:

  • To identify the roles and responsibilities, capabilities and capacities of each agency/organization in relation to human trafficking and victim care
  • To facilitate the sharing of experiences and expertise between local, regional and national organisations.
  • To influence and connect with wider stakeholders at national and cross border level
  • To encourage the development and identification of best practice, trends and patterns
  • To remain abreast of current developments and initiatives relating to human trafficking and modern slavery issues.
  • To support the development of proactive strategies for the prevention of human trafficking and modern slavery
  • To identify any gaps in current provision of services and anticipate future demand
  • To collate and build an evidence-base using primary and secondary data to better assess the scale of human trafficking and modern slavery in West Yorkshire
  • To monitor a needs analysis of training requirements in addition to that already being delivered across West Yorkshire
  • To develop intelligence/information sharing protocols between agencies
  • To identify and encourage good practice in victim care
  • To identify areas where trafficking is prevalent to understand the key factors and share information so it can be disrupted and establishment prevented in other areas
  • To support the establishment of a victim reception capability for use by services in West Yorkshire
  • To establish a West Yorkshire anti-slavery communications and engagement plan