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Research Project Tackling Serious Violence and Exploitation

Monday 20th November 2020

The West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit and West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership have announced a new partnership research project working with the criminal justice consultancy Crest Advisory.

It aims to develop a better understanding of the relationship between socio-economic risk factors for young people and their involvement in serious violent crime or exploitation.

Over the next three months, the study will focus on health inequalities, as well as the impact of COVID-19 on young people and their potential to be involved in serious violent crime or exploitation.

It will also look at the root causes that influence women and girls’ involvement in different types of serious violent crime and exploitation.

The work will generate insights and recommendations enabling the partnership to understand and address the root causes.

Chief Superintendent Jackie Marsh is the Director of the West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) and said:

“Social inequalities can be both the consequence and the cause of serious violent crime or exploitation.

“We know violence disproportionately affects many of the most deprived communities across society and that the risk factors identified for violence are comparable to risk factors identified for poor health and health inequalities.

“The partnership is clear, action to prevent violence will help to reduce inequalities for health. 

“A long-term public health approach, which tackles deep rooted and engrained social and economic problems, is therefore our best chance to address the issue of violent crime.”

Crest Advisory have extensive knowledge of serious violence and its drivers. Likewise, they have experience in gathering and analysing data to help inform and promote change.

The team need localised information on the theme to help answer research questions and also interviewees who are directly engaged with young people in West Yorkshire.

Similarly, they want to hear about case studies which evidence new or upcoming best practice. If you can support, please contact [email protected]