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PCC Continues Support For #LookCloser Campaign

8th February 2021

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Mark Burns-Williamson OBE said:

“The issue of child exploitation and abuse is one that I have continued to raise awareness around and I am in full support of the latest focus from the #LookCloser campaign.

“It aligns closely to the objectives and priorities of my own Police and Crime Plan, which I have recently updated, paying specific attention to this subject.

“My office has also been behind a number of campaigns over the years to increase understanding of the signs and indicators associated with these truly awful crimes.

“I have also helped fund various projects on the theme, including ‘Breaking the Cycle’ in Bradford. This has enabled the establishment of a team of skilled and experienced practitioners to work with young people at risk of exploitation or potentially exploiting others.

“In the coming days, I am also due to speak at a conference on the specific theme of Child Criminal Exploitation and the collaborative approach being taken to address it locally.

“We all have a responsibility to safeguard young people who are potentially vulnerable and I would urge all our communities to take note and share the latest messages from the Children’s Society.”