Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire | WYPCC

West Yorkshire PCC statement on latest crime statistics release from Office of National Statistics (ONS)

3rd February 2021

The rate of recorded crime in West Yorkshire has dropped by nearly 9%, more than the rate of decrease across England and Wales, which is on average a 7% fall following the release of the latest national crime statistics.

Theft, burglary and vehicle offences have all dropped significantly, with robbery down 26.7%, residential burglary reduced by 26.8% and vehicle crime down by 23.7%.

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) said: “These figures show how West Yorkshire Police (WYP) is continuing their improving trend of falling crime rates – notably again for theft, burglary and vehicle offences. Last year we saw how this was a greater reduction than the national average, and that is the case again with these latest official figures.

"We know the lockdowns and the pandemic have resulted in fewer crimes being committed, however, West Yorkshire was already on a downward trend prior to the pandemic and I am really pleased this has been borne out again in these figures.

“There is also excellent work being undertaken by our Violence Reduction Unit (VRU), which brings together our partners including police, local authorities, NHS, public health, voluntary sector, prisons, probation and education, to establish and embed a sustainable long-term approach to prevention, intervention and tackling violent crime and its underlying causes.

“Operation Jemlock, which is the operational activity by WYP to target serious violence, has also resulted in 520 arrests and more than 650 weapons seized which reinforces the work being done by the VRU in conjunction with Op Jemlock to target those committing serious crime.

“I will be continuing my regular meetings with the Chief Constable to explore what more can be done to ensure this progress remains sustainable and consistent, and I would like to thank the Chief Officer team for their leadership in ensuring these crimes are being tackled throughout West Yorkshire Police.

“Police officers and staff have had a really difficult job trying to ensure public safety and compliance with Covid restrictions guidance, while risking their own health and safety in the line of duty.

“I want to thank them for their hard work, dedication and commitment to ensuring our communities are safe and feel safe.

“The current situation and impact of Covid19 remains very challenging for the public, NHS and health workers, police and all other emergency services and volunteers.

“They are all working together to keep us all as safe as possible, continuing to provide all essential services and protect the vulnerable. As PCC, I am responsible for ensuring vulnerable people and victims of crime have the ongoing support of the police and access to vital services they need through this pandemic, many of which are commissioned victims services through my office and with key partners.

“We will get through this period by all working together, supporting, helping and protecting each other. We all have a responsibility and role to play to ensure that our communities remain safe and our most vulnerable protected whilst mass vaccinations can be carried out.”