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Who We Are

Below are the job titles of the staff who work for the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.


Staff employed solely to support the Police and Crime Commissioner:

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner
Chief of Staff
Head of Policy and Delivery
Head of Commissioning
Head of Communications (Job Share)
Safeguarding Adviser *
Victim and Witness Service Adviser *
Criminal Justice Adviser *
Casework Manager
Casework and Information Officer (Part Time)
Casework and Information Officer (Temporary)
Governance Manager
Information Governance Officer (Part Time)
Information Governance Officer (Part Time, Temporary)
Business Support Lead (Job Share)
Delivery Manager
Partnership Co-ordinator (Part Time)
Research Manager
Research Officer
National Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery Network Co-ordinator *
Engagement Manager
Engagement Officer
Engagement Officer (Temporary)
Contracts Manager
Senior Contracts Officer (Part Time)
Digital Communications Officer
Executive Support Officer (Part Time)
Executive Support Officer (Part Time)
Business Support Officer 
Business Support Officer (Temporary)
Business Support Assistant
* Externally funded



Staffing Structure



Code of Conduct for Employees




Register of Gifts and Hospitality 

To view the register of gifts and hospitality visit https://www.westyorkshire-pcc.gov.uk/about/mark/register-gifts-and-hospitality.



The Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017

This information is in respect of West Yorkshire Police and for the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire